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Endorsements Galore!

On the heels of today’s exciting Field Poll – which shows Jerry ahead of eMeg by ten full percentage points – comes yet another endorsement announcement, this time from the California leg of famed environmental group the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club joins a flurry of other organizations, publications, and elected officials that have all publicly stated Jerry would be the best person to serve as our state’s next Governor.

Did you know that almost every major newspaper in the state has come out for Jerry? This includes not only the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and Sacramento Bee, but also the Fresno Bee, Merced Sun-Star, leading Spanish-language outlet La Opinion, and of course, his own town’s Oakland Tribune. Even eMeg’s hometown paper, the San Jose Mercury News, thinks Jerry’s the better candidate for the job.

Elected officials, from national leaders like President Bill Clinton and Senator Dianne Feinstein to local Californians like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez have all announced their support for Jerry.

They join myriad public safety groups and individuals, including LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, the California Police Chiefs Association, and the Peace Officers Research Association, the largest statewide organization representing public safety personnel in the nation.

And lest we forget the women’s groups I discussed earlier this week: Everyone from Planned Parenthood to the National Organization for Women back Jerry over his female opponent.

For a more comprehensive list, visit our endorsements page. Once there, you can even add your own!


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The (Un)Successful Spending Spree?

Last week, eMeg became the biggest self-funded candidate in our nation’s history when the price tag for her personal campaign contributions reached a staggering $119 million.

That’s right, instead of hiring 1,185 police officers, Californians can look forward to more glossy mailers. Instead of providing 25 million school lunches to children in need, we get even more false Whitman promises saturating the airwaves. Instead of preventing 1,280 teacher layoffs, it’s going to be all eMeg, all the time, touting her vague plans and campaign cliches everywhere we look between now and November 2nd.

Oh, wait. Those figures listed above come from a video released when her campaign spending was a measly $64 million. So use your imagination to figure out what other myriad of worthy causes throughout the state $119 million might help. The possibilities are endless.

Members of the GOP are no strangers to financing their political runs. Federal Election Commission filings show that one-third of the 39 candidates that have reached the second tier of the NRCC’s three-step campaign organization program have contributed significantly to their own efforts. And in setting the new United States record, eMeg edged out Republican New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Will these money-is-no-object campaigners meet with success? History suggests not so.

According to a survey by the San Diego Union-Tribune, only one in 18 notable self-funded candidates since 1964 won their races. I cited this article from the Washington Post in an earlier blog entry, which showed that just eleven percent of self-funded candidates emerged victorious in the past decade.

One such self-funded success story we’re all familiar with is that of our own Governator. But he only pumped $6 million into his election bid. It’s sad to say, but that may as well be a dry-cleaning bill compared to eMeg’s megaspending.

Those negatively affected by the current economic climate – a group that, unfortunately, comprises the majority of Americans – don’t tend to look upon exorbitant campaign spending with friendly faces.

Remember the backlash against the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling earlier this year, which granted corporations free reign to spend on political advertisements? And in a lesser-known but equally-poignant story, last year a former state commissioner from New Jersey proposed imposing a ‘luxury tax’ of 33 percent on candidates who finance themselves.

Camp eMeg defends its wasteful, walloping figures by crowing that their candidate will be “independent to special interests and only accountable to the people of California.” But that statement neglects to mention the additional $24 million in donations she has received from other sources, as well as the mysterious “small business action committee” funding a series of smears against Jerry.

We won’t know for 42 more days if money will buy a winner. But if the latest poll is any indication, Meg Whitman will likely meet a fate similar to the majority of her self-funded counterparts.

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Writing’s On The Wall

I’m not a superstitious person. But I couldn’t help but notice eMeg’s latest payment to herself.

13 million dollars, disclosed on Friday the 13th, listed as the 13th donation? Does she think sending herself a bad omen will have the opposite effect on her campaign?

And thus, the wall of cash separating our opponent from having a real conversation with voters has grown 104 million dollars thick. That puts her just four million shy of the largest self-financed political campaign in history – and she is poised to dethrone billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg from the honor sooner rather than later.

But don’t get mad. Get even! A donation to our own cause takes only a few simple clicks.

And in the mean time, here’s hoping eMeg writes her next check to herself while walking under a ladder in front of a broken mirror.

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Money Can Buy More Than Campaigns

Yesterday was a big day in campaign land: Post-primary financial report filings.

We were not in the least surprised to learn that the eMeg camp has spent more money than Jerry Brown in the weeks since the June 8 primary. Anyone with a TV, radio, computer, or any connection to modern civilization knows that.

But even I was pretty shocked to find out that our opponent has outspent him eighty-six to one in the past five weeks alone. Eighty-six to one! And yet the poll numbers are still neck-and-neck.

Our campaign manager, Steve, tweeted that the $700,787.17 eMeg has spent on private jets alone in 2010 is worth 2,189 roundtrip flights from SF to LA on Southwest for Jerry. Remember, this is the guy who ditched a limo for his clunky blue Plymouth and the governor’s mansion for an apartment in Sacramento.

Air travel aside, it’s important to remember while our opponent continues to preach that she is the best choice to look out for the interests of the California people, the money she’s spent to buy the election so far could have provided massive improvements to our state. And voters are starting to realize this.

In the time it’s taken me to start this blog post, someone has already tweeted that her spending is greater than the estimated GDP of eight countries. Someone else tweeted that at minimum wage, you’d have to work for thirty-five years, and spend nothing, to equal what she spends per day on her campaign.

The California Democratic Party released this video a while back to illustrate what her campaign money could buy for California, instead of for herself.

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…pants on fire!

Someone better treat eMeg for third-degree burns. We just released a video this morning that shows just how false and fabricated her slew of Jerry Brown attack ads are.

Here’s the craziest part: she stands by her lies. Even after anchors and bloggers and news organizations and fact check communities have all negated her claims. In fact, there was so much footage out there of reporters pointing out her lies, we couldn’t even include it all in this spot. Don’t take my word for it; watch the video and see for yourself.

Know what else? Turns out, voters aren’t privvy to the eMeg brand of lie-laden commercials. A poll released today by Public Policy polling shows Jerry ahead 46 to 40 percent. No, you’re not experience deja vu; those figures are indeed almost identical to the Reuters poll taken in June. A whole month of dirty, expensive attack ads, and the numbers aren’t moving. I guess voters don’t like liars.

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Why Buying the Win Won’t Work

Interesting article in this morning’s Washington Post about self-funded candidates. Some take-aways:

  • Just eleven percent of self-funded candidates (those who personally paid for half or more of their total campaign budget) seeking state office were successful in the past decade.
  • Despite their lack of success, those self-financers collectively donated one billion dollars of their own money (twelve percent of all money raised by candidates during that period). Call me a tree-hugging hippie, but I can think of a lot problems a billion dollars could help tackle. Starting with one- nineteenth of California’s budget deficit.
  • Shocker: eMeg’s spending has now far surpassed the highest bidder of the last ten years (New York’s Tom Golisano spent $74 million of his own cash in 2002).

Most importantly, author Chris Cillizza argues that winning will not be the norm for rich, self-funding candidates this election season. Read why in the full article.


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Promising News From the Latino Community

Not surprisingly, a survey released yesterday claimed Latino voters will have a big effect on the midterm elections. The poll, conducted by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, estimated that more than 6.6 million Latino voters will “definitely” partake in November.

Encouragingly, the survey also found that if Californians were to vote for governor today, Jerry would win a staggering 34 percent more Latino votes than our opponent. Guess eMeg’s siege on the Spanish-speaking airwaves hasn’t swayed them that much.


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