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The Real Meaning of Labor Day

This Labor Day weekend, while you’re barbecuing by your in-laws’ pool, enjoying your three-day weekend, and feeling lucky that hurricane season rarely hits the west coast, take a moment to remember the real reason we’re commemorating a national holiday…

It’s officially the start of campaign season!

I kid, I kid. But many of you have been wondering when Jerry Brown’s campaign will kick into high gear, and we’d like to remind you that Labor Day has historically been the starting point for most major political campaigns. To that end, stay tuned for a big announcement from us early next week.

Curious now? Be sure to sign up for our email list if you haven’t already, and you’ll be among the first to know.

Politics aside, it’s important to recognize the real meaning behind labor day. California’s labor force is some 18 million people deep. If we were our own country, our economy would fall between seventh and tenth largest in the world. Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, our statewide unemployment rate has risen above 12 percent.

Doesn’t this seem like a good time to remind you of Jerry Brown’s comprehensive jobs plan?

So enjoy your pool time, and sympathize with your east coast friends taping their windows up in anticipation of Earl. But be sure to also take a moment out of your day to remember fellow Californians who work hard to keep this state operating, and those who expend endless amounts of energy looking for work, too.


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It’s The Jobs, Stupid

Understatement of the century: I’m not the only person who’s been affected by the unemployment crisis.

But it does hit pretty close to my heart. After five years with the same company, my mom’s boss laid her off citing “financial anxieties” in late 2008. Although she has since found a wonderful gig as the development director of a legal aid nonprofit, it took her a grueling and emotionally-taxing six months to get there.

I’ve watched – and comforted – dozens of my friends as they’ve lost or failed to find solid jobs. Dynamic, bright kids from some of the best colleges and universities in the country, wasting their skills on Craigslist treasure hunts for opportunities they’re flagrantly overqualified for because the current economy just doesn’t have room for them.

Then there’s me. As I mentioned in a previous post, my love of politics and determination to get Jerry elected led me to quit my very secure, very nicely-paying job at a San Francisco-based digital ad agency. I’ve scraped together just enough resources to (barely) stay afloat through the election in November, but if I can’t find some sort of employment by the end of the year, I’ll be in big trouble.

Photo courtesy of wilhelmja's Flickr stream. See more.

Which is why I’m thrilled to work for a candidate who has proposed such a thoughtful, thorough jobs plan. No glossy, staged, photographed fluff. Just pure, smart content crafted by the same man who created 1.9 million jobs the first time he was governor.

I encourage you to read the whole jobs plan at your leisure. But here are a few components I’m particularly excited about:

  • The first key area, Stimulate Clean Energy Jobs. Jerry has always been a pioneer when it comes to environmental regulations, so I know this is a key priority for him. Any politician who refuses to acknowledge the importance of clean energy is foolish and ignoring the climate of the 21st century (pun intended). Not only does Jerry Brown acknowledge, but he outlines a detailed, informed plan that includes appointing a clean energy jobs czar and a goal of developing 12,000 megawatts of localized energy by 2020.
  • The second key area, Encourage Business Start Ups and Expansions. Without start ups, California would not have produced ideas that have led to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. Every revolutionary concept starts somewhere, and under Jerry, Californians will have the room and resources to foster their visions.
  • Other pieces from the fine print: Investment in education. Comprehensive review of businesses’ technology resources. Cutting excessive government regulations. Accelerate planning of the high-speed rail system (which I can’t wait for!). All of these components are crucial to maintaining an economy that successfully produces the jobs we so desperately need.

What do you think of Jerry Brown’s jobs plan? Comments welcome, so go forth and discuss.

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Don’t Forget His Day Job, Third Installment

I’m amazed at what the man can achieve given everything on his plate. Herewith, the most recent attorney general success stories:

All in a hard week’s work!


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More Flip Flops Than a Havaianas Store

By now, it’s no secret that eMeg has not-so-subtley changed her position on many issues.

Most highly publicized has been her nouveaux soft stance on immigration, which directly contradicts the ‘tough as nails’ message she hammered home during the primary. Jerry himself said it best when he told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that you can’t say one thing in English and something completely different in Spanish.

But eMeg’s flip-floppery extends to less hot-button matters of policy, as well. SFGate reported today that while she’s now on radio airwaves claiming she is against furloughs, during primary season she spammed her base with mailers criticizing Poizner for failing to furlough insurance workers.

That’s not even a nuanced change of heart. That’s a blatant contradiction. It’s becoming more apparent by the day that this woman is willing to say, do, and spend anything to win the election.

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Nurses Rally Outside Whitman’s Home

Photo courtesy of

This is real. A swarm of eleven-hundred angry nurses wearing red scrubs descended on eMeg’s Atherton abode today, toting ‘Nurses say NO to Whitman!’ signs and causing a ruckus amidst an otherwise peaceful neighborhood of McMansions.

The nurses, bussed in throughout the state, are angry – and rightfully so. eMeg has been bombarding them with advertising and mailings for weeks, seeking to divide them from their union leadership. But members of the California Nurses Association aren’t fooled. At the very least, they want to meet the woman in person and foster a real conversation. Still, eMeg refuses, opting instead to pollute their mailboxes with more glossy pamphlets.

The California Nurses Association is also behind the Queen Meg movement on Facebook. Catchy stuff, but the campaign can’t take credit.

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