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Why We Need Clean Energy Jobs Now

Guest post from Meredith, a coworker on the campaign who just received her J.D. in environmental law.

Watching live TV has become almost unbearable…after this summer I think most Californians consider DVR their best friend. Last night, I was forced to watch an ad every 5 minutes that is almost as misleading and infuriating as Meg Whitmans’.

Produced by the oil & gas lobby, aka the American Petroleum Institute, the ad consisted of a bunch of “average Americans” saying that that  “energy taxes” would hurt their wallets because “energy companies provide jobs” and because  “people are barely holding on.”

I had to ask myself: Where is this commercial coming from? If I didn’t know better I would think that there was a gas-tax law about to be signed by President Obama.

But no, its just that the oil lobby, like eMeg, clearly has a whole lot of money to burn trying to convince people that the solution to our problems lies in the preservation of the status quo. This ad is just an example of the scare tactics and fact-contortions that conservatives and their lobbyists love so much. It is essentially an issue ad about a non-issue, and only serves to confuse people and scare them away from supporting clean energy.

In the coming months, we are going to hear more lies on television…from the Whitman campaign, and from supporters of Prop 23, telling us that taking action on climate change–by making California more energy efficient and powering the state with renewables–will somehow be bad for our economy and will kill jobs.

But here at the Brown campaign, we are confident that the opposite is true.

California has led the nation by adopting the Global Warming Solutions Act, or AB 32, and the Attorney General’s office has made huge gains in implementing the law.  AB 32 poses an incredible opportunity for California to once again be a global innovator by developing a true “green” economy while simultaneously tackling the biggest crisis of our time.  We need a forward thinking leader who understands that not only does our environment need clean energy, but our economy does as well.

Presently, America’s chosen economic health indicator is monthly home sales. Last week, the “fall in home sales” was the top news story.  Rather than focusing on this, we should be focused (as Jerry Brown is) on retro-fitting our existing housing supply to build “zero energy” homes through efficiency and solar power, and re-designing our communities to reduce our dependence on cars (aka, oil).

Meg Whitman’s argument that she will magically create jobs with tax cuts is so tired she should auction her campaign magazine as a “vintage” economics guide on eBay.  Jerry’s plan to create half a million jobs while simultaneously restoring California’s leadership role in energy innovation can be implemented immediately when he takes office in January, and is certain to create real, tangible, high paying jobs for Californians. . . unlike eMeg’s re-branded Bushieconomics plan.

Last Friday, Jerry toured an ACCO Engineered Systems facility in City of Commerce that produces sheet metal for energy-efficient retrofitting, and attended an event with the California Conservation Corps, which he founded.

Jerry also recently visited the New Leaf biofuels facility in San Diego, demonstrating his commitment to finding energy solutions for California that are truly “beyond petroleum” and do not involve oil rigs off our coast.

Innovative companies like ACCO and New Leaf will be encouraged by a Brown administration, as they were during his last tenure when California led the world in renewable energy. Encouraging innovation certainly will not be accomplished via tax cuts for oil companies or other polluting industries (per Meg’s plan) or reversing our progress on AB 32 via Prop 23.

Jerry tours an HVAC material plant in Commerce, CA.


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Don’t Forget His Day Job, Third Installment

I’m amazed at what the man can achieve given everything on his plate. Herewith, the most recent attorney general success stories:

All in a hard week’s work!


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Don’t Forget His Day Job, Part Deux

Another week, another slew of AG success stories. Here’s what Jerry’s done since my last installment:

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Environmentalists, Read This Article

From Mother Jones. It’s a comprehensive, anecdotal overview of Jerry’s energy policies, then and now.

When Jerry was in charge THEN…

  • California adopted a refrigerator standard that set the precedent for our state to lead the nation in appliance standards, even today.
  • California became the first state to adopt a strong energy-efficiency building code.
  • He provided utility companies with an incentive to promote energy efficiency.
  • He invested in solar and other forms of renewable energy.

And last week, speaking in Mountain View, Jerry unveiled a clean-energy action plan that includes creating more than a half-million jobs in the industry.

I don’t know about you, but with the horror story in the Gulf and China emerging as the global leader in clean energy technology, I want California’s next governor to make greening our economy a priority. I’m impressed that Jerry released something so detailed so early in the campaign, and pleased that energy efficiency is its subject.

And I challenge anyone who says they don’t care about the issue to hike one of the beach trails along Mount Tam on a sunny day, look out over the Pacific Ocean lapping the rocks below the cliffs, and tell me California’s multifaceted natural beauty is worth destroying.

I don’t even need to mention Meg Whitman’s opposition to AB-32. Okay, I won’t say it again.

A waterfall by the beach on a recent hike in Bolinas via Mount Tam.

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