A Great Tool For Supporters

Have you had a chance to check out my.jerrybrown.org?

It’s a great website for any Jerry supporter, from those who want to organize phone-banks and house parties every weekend to those who simply want to stay connected to various efforts throughout the state.

Visit my.jerrybrown.org to get started.

From there, you can create your own profile, complete with choosing specific ways you want to help with the campaign. You can then join groups of other supporters in your area, sign up for events, and build your own personal fundraising page to raise money for Jerry.

If you’re feeling industrious, you can also create your own groups and events. Right now, we have everything from Solar Supporters for Jerry to Writers for Jerry, and almost every county across California. My group, site feedback, is an easy way for other users to report any issues they encounter while exploring the network.

At the very least, it’s a fun means to see who else is involved with our effort and what they have to say. Post a comment in the live comment stream, and everyone who visits the site will get your message.

Feeling stuck? Watch the video below to learn how to get started. And as always, thanks for everything you do to help us get California working again.


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