Pinocchio Syndrome?

Guest post from our campaign manager, Steve Glazer. I encourage you to follow Steve on Twitter for entertaining and informative updates as our efforts progress.

Early on, Meg Whitman’s army of highly paid consultants made the decision the only way they can win is to put her opponents through the wood chipper, truth be damned.

Meg Whitman has been called out for her falsehoods, her misleading ads, her cynical double talk…again and again and again.

Double talk on climate change.

Double talk on immigration.

Double talk on taxation, failure to vote, off-shore oil drillingher California residency, her relations with Goldman Sachs, the Arizona law, and assaulting an eBay staff member.

In just the last few days, Meg Whitman has been caught in three new significant lies.

She’s been caught lying about the Paypal expansion, a story central to her candidacy.

She’s been caught lying about Jerry Brown’s record on spending. Spending under Brown, adjusted for population and inflation, was actually lower than Republican Governor’s Reagan and Deukmejian.

And in her latest ad, she’s been exposed for lying about Jerry Brown’s record on taxes – taxes were actually lower at the end of Jerry’s tenure as Governor than when he started.

We have called upon Meg Whitman to do what is right…to do what is honorable…and pull down this false ad. She has refused. Is this the type of character we want in a Governor?

In California, the average TV viewer has seen more than 100 of these attack ads since the Primary.

Enough is enough.

Today I am here to announce that our campaign is launching two new TV ads that hold Meg Whitman accountable for the shameful pack of lies in her advertisements.

We are not going to allow ourselves to be pushed around like one of her eBay employees. There are no secret settlements for her now. We are going to fight back.

And Meg, if you start telling the truth, and stop lying…you, too, can be a real person.

Just like Pinocchio.


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