Thank You, Mr. President

Those on Barack Obama’s mailing list received a powerful message today: The President of the United States wants Californians to come together in support of Jerry Brown.

In his email, Obama talked about Jerry as a ‘champion for the people,’ citing Jerry’s creation of two million new jobs as governor and revitalization of Oakland’s economy as mayor.

“To each of these jobs, he’s brought an unparalleled passion for helping the people of California,” the president said. And it’s true: I can’t think of anyone else in the world who knows our state’s complex political system to the extent Jerry does. With each office held, he has navigated the maze and delivered results foremost for the people.

Obama closes his message urging readers to support Jerry, and links back to our website.

Meanwhile, others have taken measures to champion our candidate recently, too. Yesterday the LA County Democratic Party released a tongue-in-cheek video telling eMeg California is not for sale. Watch below, and be sure to take our president’s advice by joining the effort.


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