Don’t Forget His Day Job, Chapter Four

It’s been a couple weeks since I released a roundup of attorney general accomplishments, and much has happened in my absence of posting. My amazement at what Jerry can achieve still has yet to cease. I’m especially impressed that recent measures focus on safety for children and seniors. Here are some highlights:

  • He reached a settlement with one of the country’s largest electronic cigarette companies, in an effort to prevent targeting the product to minors and claims that it’s a safer alternative to smoking.
  • He arrested six nursing home employees who participated in a cruel prank against their elderly residents.
  • In the wake of the Bell city salary scandal, he established a toll-free telephone hotline for citizens to report potential illegal election conduct.
  • Following a three-year investigation, he arrested fifteen individuals charged with tobacco smuggling and tax evasion schemes that diverted $34 million away from state funds.
  • He filed a law suit against several manufacturers of children’s bounce houses due to unsafe amounts of lead within the inflatable structures.
  • He exposed a fake nursing school and forced its operator to pay $500,000 in settlement fees to students cheated by the organization.
  • He unveiled an innovative computer program designed to help gambling addicts recover by excluding themselves from certain establishments.

What do you think of the AG office’s successes as of late? Please leave your comments below.


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