Writing’s On The Wall

I’m not a superstitious person. But I couldn’t help but notice eMeg’s latest payment to herself.

13 million dollars, disclosed on Friday the 13th, listed as the 13th donation? Does she think sending herself a bad omen will have the opposite effect on her campaign?

And thus, the wall of cash separating our opponent from having a real conversation with voters has grown 104 million dollars thick. That puts her just four million shy of the largest self-financed political campaign in history – and she is poised to dethrone billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg from the honor sooner rather than later.

But don’t get mad. Get even! A donation to our own cause takes only a few simple clicks.

And in the mean time, here’s hoping eMeg writes her next check to herself while walking under a ladder in front of a broken mirror.


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Filed under Numbers, Whitman Fails

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