The People Have Spoken

Last week, the social media team launched our first-ever Facebook poll to find out what you, our supporters, think the best name for the policy tab on our website should be.

The results are in, and ‘Solutions’ emerged victorious (in a narrow victory over ‘Visions to Actions’).

We encourage you to check out our new Solutions page for Jerry Brown’s comprehensive, detailed plans for job creation, education, and the environment. You can also peruse the page for information about his past record as a public official in California.

Since this is a grassroots effort woven together by the ideas of our colorful fanbase, we’ll be launching future crowd-sourced programs and polls to solicit your feedback on our digital presence. Right now, our t-shirt design contest is in full swing, so please submit your artwork for a chance to be featured on Jerry Brown apparel for sale in our online store.

Got any comments right now? As always, leave them here and we’ll get back to you.


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