Meg Busters!

Keeping track of eMeg’s endless fibs and flip-flops can be an arduous task.

So we decided to put them all in one place. Yesterday, the campaign launched, a one-stop resource for Californians to keep track of our opponent’s many falsities as the election draws nearer.

Check out the site for a comprehensive roundup of articles aimed at exposing the truth. Each time a new piece comes out shedding light on eMeg’s lies, we’ll be sure to post it.

You can also follow MegAMyths on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and sign up for the “truly perplexing Myth Mail.” I suggest doing all of the above, not only so we can generate a big following, but more importantly so you, the voters, can stay informed.

As always, feedback welcome in the comments section. In the mean time, happy myth busting.


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One response to “Meg Busters!

  1. blondannas

    I love this! I have signed up for any updates too. It is about time that the truth came out about Meg Whitman and her ridiculous claims.

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