Money Can Buy More Than Campaigns

Yesterday was a big day in campaign land: Post-primary financial report filings.

We were not in the least surprised to learn that the eMeg camp has spent more money than Jerry Brown in the weeks since the June 8 primary. Anyone with a TV, radio, computer, or any connection to modern civilization knows that.

But even I was pretty shocked to find out that our opponent has outspent him eighty-six to one in the past five weeks alone. Eighty-six to one! And yet the poll numbers are still neck-and-neck.

Our campaign manager, Steve, tweeted that the $700,787.17 eMeg has spent on private jets alone in 2010 is worth 2,189 roundtrip flights from SF to LA on Southwest for Jerry. Remember, this is the guy who ditched a limo for his clunky blue Plymouth and the governor’s mansion for an apartment in Sacramento.

Air travel aside, it’s important to remember while our opponent continues to preach that she is the best choice to look out for the interests of the California people, the money she’s spent to buy the election so far could have provided massive improvements to our state. And voters are starting to realize this.

In the time it’s taken me to start this blog post, someone has already tweeted that her spending is greater than the estimated GDP of eight countries. Someone else tweeted that at minimum wage, you’d have to work for thirty-five years, and spend nothing, to equal what she spends per day on her campaign.

The California Democratic Party released this video a while back to illustrate what her campaign money could buy for California, instead of for herself.


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