It’s On!

Well, look at that. eMeg just signed on for two of the ten debates Jerry challenged her to this fall. A far cry from what our guy accepted, but it’s a start. And, I concede, eMeg did perform well in her debates with Poizner in the primary (even though she flagrantly rejected our own requests), so I’m looking forward to some lively discussions.

I encourage you all to tune in, as debates are often the best arenas to hear candidates engage in unscripted conversation with one another. No soundbytes, no 30-second one-sided smear ads, just pure discourse on the issues Californians care about.

Here’s a fun video with footage from Jerry’s past political appearances. That and more on our YouTube page. Happy 98 Days Until Election Day!

Jerry on Johnny Carson


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One response to “It’s On!

  1. Camille

    eMeg is a flat out fraud. No sincere person turns around after 28 years of absence from our democratic process and claims they care about and want to run an entire state. Her real pursuit: ego-feeding power. She claims to have seen first-hand the struggle of out-of-work Californians? eMeg, was your eyesight impaired when you outsourced 661% of jobs in your massive company to India over a 5-year span? Or was that a justifiable event, as you profited from taking those jobs from us and, well, now you can spend all the billions you made to become governor by running non-stop misleading and inaccurate attack ads with the purpose of brainwashing us through repetition into actually believing them? Well, I’m not brain-dead or the brain-washable type and I’m sure the majority of Californians also see that it couldn’t be more crystal clear that you are not the solution! You are the problem! GO JERRY! Kick her in the debates!!!

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