25 Random Things About Jerry

Remember the “25 Random Things About Me” craze on Facebook early last year? With the help of Calitics, I dug up this little gem – Jerry’s own list. Take a look; I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know about him (like how he was a cheerleader at St. Ignatius High School!).



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10 responses to “25 Random Things About Jerry

  1. John

    Jerry Brown…what an impressive list of accomplishments!!

  2. Robin

    “13. I’ve been duck hunting with Chief Justice Warren, but not with Vice President Cheney.” LOL!

  3. Paul

    “18. I knocked my opponent to the canvas in a 3 round boxing match at Senior Fight Night.” Zen Boxing could be a new trend!

  4. Maggie

    I like #25

    “My maternal grandfather was a San Francisco Police Captain. My paternal grandfather ran a poker club in the Tenderloin.”

    A great California background!

  5. I also like arugula! Who knew Jerry and I had so much in common?

  6. Jon

    I like Brown’s contradictions. A Zen-buddhist wielding a colt-38. An arugala/brochili eating descendant of a San Francisco Police Captain and owner of a poker club in the Tenderloin. A Democrat with balls. Down with eMeg!

  7. Alexandria

    This is really fantastic investigatory journalism. Hats off to carlicita — this blog is not only really fun, but it gives Californians a glimpse of Jerry through a very human lens. THANKS! And keep up the fantastic work!

  8. IluvJerry

    Learn something new about the “man” every day … brilliant post! Thanx, Carly — for keeping us in the loop.

  9. JohnL

    You have to appreciate a man that will sue a President’s lawyer.

  10. margaret

    agree (unsurprisingly) with Maggie above: both grandfathers holding it down in SF–great california history

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