So Much Puppy Love!

Steve snapped this picture of our volunteer coordinator Schuyler’s two pooches, Chance and Jackson. Lucky for those of us who wish they had dogs but have no means to support them, they visit us at the office on an almost-daily basis.

Chance and Jackson

Exciting news for my boss, Ned, too: He just adopted a puppy from the SPCA. He’s naming her Vespa; how cute is that?


And just because this makes me miss my own Loves Of My Life, Mackey and Lola-Marie (home in Connecticut with my parents), here’s a picture of them as well. Happy Friday!

Mackey and Lola-Marie



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3 responses to “So Much Puppy Love!

  1. Schuyler

    Yay! How great is it to have a boss who will let you bring your dogs to work?!

  2. Mom

    I can get you a MUCH better photo, but the puppy’s you’re hanging with now look pretty great …

  3. margaret

    i bet having the puppies around creates a great work atmosphere in the office! so cute 🙂

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