Even More Ad Fails

eMeg’s camp has released not one but two spots this week chock full of factual inaccuracies. We wouldn’t expect anything less at this point.

The first ad has eMeg hemming and hawing about how she wants to improve California’s schools, including opportunities for Latino students. It deliberately leaves out her opposition to bilingual education and the facts that she favors removing undocumented students from our state’s colleges and universities and that she would deny services to children of undocumented workers – including education. Hmm, sounds like some fantastic opportunities to me (on opposite day).

The second commercial presents a string of public comments Jerry made in the nineties taken wildly out of context. The man has been in politics for four decades, and the Whitman Army has been frantically scouring media archives for anything her team can use against him. IMHO, at least Jerry puts himself out there for voters to see. As I mentioned in an earlier post, eMeg has made scant public appearances since her primary win, the bulk of which have been canned, scripted, and/or pre-recorded.

Oh, and lest we forget Factcheck.org’s scathing piece negating almost every claim in an earlier attack ad? Rumor has it, it’s been pulled from the airwaves altogether.



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4 responses to “Even More Ad Fails

  1. John

    Meg Whitman is a terror…she must be stopped!

  2. Robin

    You said it. I was outraged by Meg’s “lifetime in politics” lies, as well. And denying services to the children of undocumented workers is just malicious.

  3. Jerryrigged

    You also are going to have to come up with a nickname for your guy that tops eMeg! I mean, a good one. Before they do it.

  4. JohnL

    Exquisite writing. Your personality comes through, which gives political discussion life. Hunter S. Thompson is smiling in his grave right now.

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