More Flip Flops Than a Havaianas Store

By now, it’s no secret that eMeg has not-so-subtley changed her position on many issues.

Most highly publicized has been her nouveaux soft stance on immigration, which directly contradicts the ‘tough as nails’ message she hammered home during the primary. Jerry himself said it best when he told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that you can’t say one thing in English and something completely different in Spanish.

But eMeg’s flip-floppery extends to less hot-button matters of policy, as well. SFGate reported today that while she’s now on radio airwaves claiming she is against furloughs, during primary season she spammed her base with mailers criticizing Poizner for failing to furlough insurance workers.

That’s not even a nuanced change of heart. That’s a blatant contradiction. It’s becoming more apparent by the day that this woman is willing to say, do, and spend anything to win the election.


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