12 Pull-ups & Counting

A bunch of us were working late at the campaign office tonight when the front door slammed open and shut and Jerry thundered inside wearing track pants and a t-shirt. He was stopping by after an evening run around Lake Merritt and, full of post-exercise energy, asked  our campaign manager, Steve, for a pull-up contest. The two men headed over to the bar hanging in the hallway outside the kitchen.

I challenge anyone who comments on Jerry’s age to compete against him in a pull-up competition. You will get schooled. The man is a machine – he finished a dozen before showing any semblance of even being tired. Then, as Steve struggled (and failed) to match him, Jerry hit the floor and did fifty push-ups while we counted along out loud.

They say age is just a number. Anyone who doubts that need look no further than Jerry Brown.


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One response to “12 Pull-ups & Counting

  1. Kate

    Were they pull-ups or chin-ups? Apparently there’s a big difference, and one is supposedly harder than the other. The distinction is lost on me because I have never been able to do one of either.

    Either way, color me impressed, Mr. Brown.

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