And So It Begins…

Today marks my first day working full-time at the Jerry Brown for Governor campaign headquarters.

After all this poor state has been through, I knew I wanted to help elect its next [Democratic] leader.

So why Jerry?

  • I was initially intrigued after reading about his jaunts through Asia to learn Buddhism and the work he did with Mother Teresa. For someone who’s spent a lifetime enmeshed in California politics, it’s refreshing to see his open mind and wordly curiosity exemplified.
  • I don’t buy the whole ‘outsider needs to take on Sacramento’ argument. With all the challenges California faces, I feel much more confident having someone in charge who knows how to navigate the labyrinth that is our capitol.
  • Jerry’s progressive record as governor, Oakland mayor, and now attorney general closely aligns with my own political ideology.
  • I fear for California’s future under Meg Whitman. Sure, the woman is a business shark, and you don’t become a billionaire by being lazy, but she truly has no idea what she is doing when it comes to governing the ninth-largest economy in the world. Her nonexistent voting record and incessant flip-flopping on issues both prove she is merely a pawn to advance the Republican agenda.

So I’ve given up my comfortable life in San Francisco’s Duboce Triangle to dive headfirst into the cause (and – eek! – the East Bay), and I won’t resurface until Jerry emerges victorious. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle campaign happenings and amusing tidbits until election day, so check back frequently, and feel free to comment just as much.


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